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Online Therapy

Better access to Mental Health services! Self-help online therapy program facilitated by Experienced Doctors & Therapists to motivate you again after… a breakup, job loss, parenting struggle, loss of a loved one, burnout, eating disorders, or depression. Sympaticus!

  • Meet my therapist

    Build trust and a working relationship.

  • Learn techniques

    Tools to reduce stress and worry.

  • Understand my behaviour

    Be aware of my condition and underlying cause.

  • Challenge emotions

    Manage limiting thoughts and Belief system.

  • Feel better & cope

    Adapt gains, build resilience and start achieving goals.

  • Adapt & maintain

    Lock-in learnt behaviour and adapt to new state


Therapy with Sympaticus is easy. Listen, Read, Watch & Answer with multiple-choice Gamified questions. Talk to your Coach & Therapists in Confidence. Experience the Sympaticus Program that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave.

online therapy

Achieve Your Goals

Define, Track and Monitor Personal Goals.

Feel Better

Meditation, Breathing and Muscle relaxation techniques

Find the right Therapist

List of Therapists & Coaches, with Specialty & Ratings.

Self-Learning Activities

Learning about yourself is easy with effective bite-sized lessons

English & Arabic

Content in both languages, Bi-lingual Therapists & Coaches

How it works

Clients said

  • I was confused and burnt out. I could not explain why. Sympaticus' therapist Dr. Nicole was extremely helpful in shedding the light and guiding me through my transformation.

    Maha A Maha A
  • I knew that I was not living my best life. I am so grateful that I found Sympaticus

    Fida R Fida R

Meet the founding team

  • Desiree Chebeir Mentor, International Growth

    International Expansion, Seller Experience at Amazon, Founding Entrepreneur Services Director at Endeavor,

  • Why not?

    Marie-Jo Younan Coach

    Experienced Coach Social Worker Psychology from AUB

  • Tiya A Therapist Sympaticus

    You can do it!

    I did

    Tiya Ahmed Therapist, Content

    Highly experienced and senior CBT Psychotherapist/clinical supervisor within the NHS & private sector Specialised in treatments for OCD and BDD with interests in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Likes

    Working with people

    Sarah Butler Therapist, Compliance

    Experienced CBT therapist and specialise in depression and anxiety. Work with people with anxiety in the NHS. Selected for the High Intensity CBT training at Exeter University and funded by the NHSESCP Europe, Bocconi, University of London.

  • Says

    More than therapy!

    Joe Zaarour CEO

    PriceWaterhouseCoopers-IBM-Fujitsu-Infor Management consultant, Strategy & Change advisor with 16 years in leadership and delivery Canada, US, MENA, and GCC. McGill Canada

  • Traction!


    Mijbel Al Qattan Advisor, Investment Manager

    Venture Capitalist at Impulse International. Partner at Cubical Services. Interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship. Computer engineer. Chartered Financial Analyst.

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