Joe Zaarour

Joe is a Healthcare Management consultant and IT Advisor worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers-IBM-Fujitsu-Infor-Blackboard as a Strategy & Change advisor in leadership and delivery roles in Canada, US, MENA, and GCC. Graduate of McGill Canada.
He is the co-founder & CEO of Sympaticus.

Heal your gut – heal your state

The link between Gut and Brain. Here’s how to heal it ~ 4 min read credit: shutterstock - anatomy insider Your stomach is a lot more than the body’s temporary repository for food. The health and well-being of your stomach plays a much more central role in determining your overall health. There’s an entire ecosystem

Manage your anger by zodiac sign

Scorpio season is quite the ordeal. It coincides with autumn, chillier climate, heavy load at work, and closer to the most emotionally challenging period of the year - Christmas or New year. While all of us lose our temper at times, we can learn to deal with anger a bit better instead of allowing it

Switch off Negative Thoughts

“We act how we think and feel. When we remove the negative thought, with it goes the drama and pain.” – Anon. Negative thoughts serve absolutely no purpose. Zero. None. Not-a-one. Know what else? Negative thinking has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person. Toxic thoughts don’t define your character, and they can’t determine

4 ways to Connect to yourself and others

The sad truth is there isn’t a single person who isn't aware of struggles happening somewhere in the world, even if it’s within our own family. Grief, stress, anxiety and fear surround us all at some point and often, it's at these times when we pull away from everything, go inside and curl into a metaphorical ball. So what exactly can we

How Nice people deal with conflict

Dealing with Conflict  It’s easy to think that nice people are too passive. While that’s often true, unchecked passivity can boil over into aggression.  To be assertive, you need to learn to engage in healthy conflict. Healthy conflict directly and constructively addresses the issue at hand without ignoring the needs of either party. Consider the repercussions of

Do Antidepressants actually work?

Antidepressants: 10 Shocking Studies Everyone Should Know   Do antidepressants work? What are the real side-effects? And more… 1.Antidepressants are very hit-and-miss Unfortunately, for around half of depressed patients, the first antidepressants prescribed do not work. On top of that, around one-third of patients do not respond to any types of drugs (although psychological therapies

We all Need Pain

There isn’t much in the world that is more painful than a broken heart. And most will say that there’s no salve but time to take that pain away. But why are we so quick to speed through and even negate the pain? Why do we distract ourselves from feeling emotions that can actually help